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With the right medical technology smaller and larger handicaps can be compensated, controlled or mitigated

In this product group, German and international manufacturers have significantly increased the range of medical device products available at home. What this means for you: state-of-the-art technologies, lowest prices, enormous product selection, highest reliability and patient compliance.

Start of our international website

We went live with our website in English. For now we only offer our CPAP devices, masks and accessories in English. For the future we hope to have our German website completely translated.

Your medical supply store in the heart of Koblenz with a large 650m² exhibition area

As an experienced medical supply retailer we offer everything related to medical technology, mobility, rehabilitation technology, care aids and home care. In our online mail order business, we provide you with more than 5,000 health products at extremely favorable conditions. Take your time to look around and let our attractive offers work on you. At you receive high-quality medical products in every imaginable design. Order within Germany free of charge!

Medical Technology:

  • CPAP devices / sleep apnea devices: Very well suited if you have breathing pauses while sleeping.
  • Oxygen concentrators: They are used on patients who regularly depend on concentrated oxygen.
  • Mobile Oxygen Concentrators: If you need long-term oxygen therapy and still want to be mobile.
  • Suction devices: They are used to clean the respiratory tract if they are clogged.